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Applications- Cam Locks

The Combi-Cam offers keyless convenience and is ideal  where key management is a problem. The Combi-Cam offers great flexibility and is installed in applications ranging from cabinets to gun safes to RV compartments... retrofits any application where a key cam lock is used!

Combination Cam Locks are Great For:

  1. Hospitals, Nursing Homes & Medical or Dental Offices
  2. Lockers in Schools, Health Clubs, Offices, Police and Fire Departments
  3. Laboratories - Professional or School Environments
  4. Great for keeping kids out of cabinets and drawers!
  5. RV compartments for keyless convenience
  6. ... and anywhere that keeping track of keys is a hassle


Below are but a few of applications from our customers. If you have an application photo for the awesome Combi-Cam product, email it to us!  
Cam Locks

Cam Locks FJM Security
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Mailbox Lock- Great for easy family access!

cam lock
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application photos

combination cam lock
Baby Formula Racks

Combination Cam Locks  combination camlocks
       cam lock  camlock
combination camlock cam locks cam locks
Child-Proof Cam Locks click here
cam locks
                                   University Chem Lab

                 Console Vault                                          Truck Bed Covers

             Tonneau Covers

       Truck Bed Covers                                          Lockers

          Drawer Cam Lock
                                          VW Storage Box

             PCI Router Case
                               Vanagon Locking Drawer

          Medicine Cabinet                                            Liquor Cabinet
               POP Disolays

                                                 Medicine Case

                                              Hospital Med Case

              Hospital Medicine Carts

                                             Airport Kiosk
glass cam lock combination glass cam lock combination
                                        Harvard Science Lab
digital cam lock
             Secret Wall Safe
digital cam lock combo cam lock
               Gun Transporter Safe
combo cam lock
 cam lock code cam lock
                                                 Saddle Bag Lock
keyless cam locks
outdoor mailbox locks   keyless cam locks
outdoor mailbox locks
outdoor mailbox locks  combination cam locks
Vehicle Safe Vault
camlocks  camlockscabinet locks
cabinet locks  drawer cam lockscombination cam locks
cam lockscam lockscam locks
door cam locks 


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